Vibrating Rollers for Tri-plex units.

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Vibrating  Rollers      (Turfline Inc)


Maintain consistency in speed and trueness on all your greens within 2 4 inches. Use after topdressing to vibrate sand into the canopy to prevent it from dulling your cutting units. Roll instead of cutting during high stress times.


1 set includes 3 units to fit any of the triplexes.

 Walk behind unit for small or hard to get to greens.





True-Surface Greens Care Collection            (Turfline  Inc.)


Easily complete 9 different cultural practices with only one machine.

Fits all Triplex Models.



Switch cassettes without touching the hydraulic motor.

Verticutting                  Vacu Brush (Firm)

Scarifier                       Vacu Brush (Soft)

Groomer                      Non Vib Roller

Deep Slicer


  Star Slitter