Agronomic Services


Superior Tech Products offers a comprehensive selection of diagnostic services, including:



Soil Testing


If you want a truly "independent" evaluation of your soil, thereís only one choice. Analync is a sophisticated soil test interpretation system that reports both reserve and available chemical and nutrient levels. Soil samples are processed by MDS Harris, the oldest and most experienced independent soil-testing laboratory in the world, serving all 50 states and 38 countries globally. After lab processing is completed, Harris Labs sends the soil test data electronically to Analync for evaluation. Analyncís advanced interpretation capabilities have been calibrated and perfected by the processing of more than 40,000 turf (not agricultural) samples. The Analync soil evaluation:

Irrigation Water Quality Test


The quality of your irrigation water can have a significant impact on your turf. An irrigation water suitability test measures the chemical composition of your water and identifies its potential impact on soil chemistry, soil fertility management, and ultimately Ė turf strength. The information from this test will help you develop appropriate cultural, fertility and irrigation management programs. Irrigation water testing is conducted by MDS Harris, an A2LA accredited laboratory and worldwide provider of diagnostic services.



Physical Soil Testing


One key to successful turf management is to avoid or minimize soil layering. Yet many things that happen in a highly managed turf environment occur in "layered" form. Decaying turf shoots and roots end up in the soil as an "organic layer" and sand is applied to maintain firm playing surfaces and dilute thatch, which creates a "topdressing layer." ISTRC (International Sports Turf Research Center) is the only laboratory that can analyze your soil and determine whether your cultural programs are effectively dealing with these layers. ISTRCís patented evaluation and reporting methods provide an accurate breakdown of organic matter, soil texture and sand size distribution on an inch-by-inch basis. Their undisturbed physical evaluation also reports the infiltration rate, water holding capacity, air and water porosities, percent solids and bulk density of your soil, as well as a measure of turf root mass and feeder root depths. Testing of bunker sand, topdressing, and construction materials is also available through ISTRCís New Mix Lab.




Turf Disease Diagnosis

Thereís no reason to guess when it comes to diagnosing diseases. Superior Tech Products offers quick, accurate microscopic identification of turf fungal diseases through Turf Diagnostics, Inc. Samples are sent via overnight delivery to provide lab results within 24-hours.



Turfgrass Tissue Analysis

Give us a handful of your freshly cut turfgrass and we will send it overnight to one of 3 labs that will get back to you within 24 Ė 48 hours. Their report covers 13 nutrients. Can tell you what nutrients you will need or how well the last feeding went.