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Gro-Power is an organic based granular fertilizer and soil conditioner that has been refined and formulated to utilize the best principles in the fertilizer industry. Gro-power is fast acting, long lasting, and supplies the organic matter that is absent from most soils. The natural microbiological populations and humic acid produce a fertilizer that far surpasses any other fertilizer on the market today.

Gro-Power is a plant composted product (for a minimum of 2 years), that is composted beyond the fiber stage by nature's own bacteria. These natural humic acids and microbes are already in the blend, so unlike other fertilizers, very little man made products have to be added. Gro-Power is a plant product naturally made to be put into a plant world. Gro-Power is not an animal by-product or a waste by-product that might contain salts or heavy metals that may tie up other nutrients in the soil and make them unavailable to the plant.


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