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Floratine Products Group                              www.floratine.com

Leading edge Biostimulant Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Natural Biological Control products.


GroPower  Inc.                                                              www.Gropower.com

An organic based granular fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is a natural plant compost product designed to be put into a plant world.


JRM  Inc.                                                                             www.JRMonline.com

High quality aerification tines. Guaranteed to outlast the competition. 1 set of tines for your entire course.

High quality Duranium steel makes JRM bedknifes the longest lasting bedknifes available.


GreensGroomer Worldwide                        www.greensgroomerww.com

Grooming brush for Greens,Tees and Fairways. Electric up/down one man operation. Brushes grass or sand 3 different directions.

Trailers for walk behind mowers. No mower transport wheels needed. Mowers automatically lock onto this trailer.

Artificial turf brush and depris sweeper.


Turfline Inc.                                                                        www.true-surface.com
Vibrating Rollers for Tri-plex units to achieve the green speed and consistency at the level you desire.
Greens Care Collection systems inter-changeable maintenance cassettes for tri-plex units. De-thatchers, Spikers, Slitters and Groomers.


SipCam / Advan                                                                 www.advanllc.com
The leading post patent pesticide manufacture in the world.





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